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Jan 22, 2010 | by admin | Permalink

World renowned stock commentator Peter Grandich and AGORACOM founder George Tsiolis provide in-depth analysis of the small-cap markets, the metals markets, the economy, and life in general every Friday afternoon.

This week’s show was especially thorough given the fact we missed last week and quite a bit has happened since then. In fact, we spent much more time on macro market commentary, as opposed to specific stocks. Topics included:

  • Russia buying Canadian Dollars
  • Obama’s Tough Stance On Banks
  • The Risk of Bernanke Not Being Confirmed By January 31st
  • Where The Market Goes Next Week Due to Bernanke Uncertainty
  • Reconciling Potential Higher Levels On The US Dollar Index With Higher Gold Prices
  • Where Gold Goes From Here
  • Why Peter Adds An “R” To The End Of Canadar and Russiar
  • ….. Some Other Great Topics

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