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Feb 04, 2010 | by admin | Permalink

World renowned stock commentator Peter Grandich and AGORACOM founder George Tsiolis provide in-depth analysis of the small-cap markets, the metals markets, the economy, and life in general every Friday afternoon.

Please find enclosed a special Thursday edition of Markets, Money and Life With Grandich and George. Given time restrictions on both our schedules tomorrow, Peter and I recorded the show a day early. Typically, we’ll just cancel on most occasions, however, we thought this was especially important given the market volatility today and this week.

This week’s show covered important and relevant topics to this week’s market action including:

  • Reasons behind drops in the market and commodities
  • The $USD Index
  • Sovereign Debt Risk – Real or just a market excuse to go lower?
  • The $48 drop in gold today and why Peter is hoping for another $25 technical washout
  • Physical vs. Paper Gold Market
  • Core Positions and Trading Positions
  • Small-Cap stocks In general
  • Specific small-cap stocks

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