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Agoracom interviews CEOs of small cap companies.

In this episode of the Small Cap CEO Interviews podcast, AGORACOM speaks with HPQ Silicon Resources (TSX-V:HPQ) Chairman and CEO, Bernard Tourillon.

HPQ hits another milestone towards solar grade silicon metal production.

HPQ Silicon (HPQ:TSXV) has been quietly moving towards its major goal of becoming the world’s lowest cost and cleanest producer of solar grade silicon metal. That sounds like a pipedream … until you consider its two technical partners, PyroGenesis Canada (a global leader in plasma torch technologies) and Apollon Solar (one of the world’s leaders in renewable energies). These globally renown technology leaders aren’t going to lend their name to a project that isn’t capable of becoming world class. Moreover, PyroGenesis joined the Province of Quebec to invest $5.2 million into HPQ in mid-2018.

Together, they’ve created a process that converts quarts into high purity silicon metal, with the ultimate goal of producing their own solar cells …. and they are doing it at cost leves, both CAPEX and OPEX, that are set to blow the doors off the world’s incumbent players and could position HPQ as a serious player in the solar world. On top of that, they are all but evaporating the dirty dirty (not a typo) process of producing solar grade silicon metal that most regular people never knew about.

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