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Agoracom interviews CEOs of small cap companies.

In this episode of the Small Cap CEO Interviews podcast, AGORACOM speaks with HPQ Silicon Resources (TSX-V:HPQ) Chairman and CEO, Bernard Tourillon.

When the lithium craze hit the markets a few years back, dozens of companies dreamed of cashing in on the impending battery craze for electric vehicles.

While 99% of companies focused on lithium or graphite, HPQ focused on creating the world’s cheapest and lowest emission Silicon for multiple applications, including solar.

Along the way, HPQ picked up 2 world class technology partners and the Quebec government as an investor.

Today, the company is on the verge of producing Silicon from its 50 ton pilot plant for multiple applications.

Serendipitously, experts now agree that Silicon is the superior material for electric battery anodes versus graphite.

If that wasn’t enough, the Company’s solar partner happens to hold the world wide patent on manufacturing porus silicon wafers, which is exactly what is needed for battery anodes.

Today, while most other companies working on Li-Ion Silicon are still stuck in R&D, HPQ has rocketed ahead to its commercialization stage and has the electric vehicle battery market watching with great anticipation.

Watch this incredible video with HPQ Silicon CEO, Bernard Tourillon, who has brilliantly architected the company’s development from concept to commercialization.

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