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Agoracom interviews CEOs of small cap companies.

In this episode of the Small Cap CEO Interviews podcast, AGORACOM speaks with HPQ Silicon Resources (TSX-V:HPQ) Chairman and CEO, Bernard Tourillon.

There is no other way to say it. HPQ Silicon (HPQ:TSXV) just took a direct shot at graphite by stating Silicon Material Produced With It’s Process Offers Promising Potential to Replace Graphite in Lithium-ion Batteries.

The statement is sure to draw significant fire from the multitude of graphite juniors and proponents of graphite as the primary material in the lithium-ion anode, who vastly outnumber the number of silicon proponents in the junior market.

According to HPQ CEO, Bernard Tourillon, graphite anodes are consistent performers, however, their limited energy capacity makes them ill-suited as the long term global answer to skyrocketing demand for electric vehicles. Silicon anodes, on the other hand, absorb far more lithium than their graphite counterparts, offering a substantial improvement in battery efficiency.

Tourillon isn’t just spinning a story. His claims are backed by hard facts and science. He does agree, however, that Silicon has not been able to go mainstream due to swelling and cracking issues – but according to HPQ – these latest promising results represent a step forward in that solving that problem.

With HPQ already under NDA with a battery manufacturer, Tourillon’s claims carry even greater weight. If HPQ can deliver, he may very well knock graphite off its perch single-handedly.

Watch this interview to hear what Tourillon has to further say on the subject, which will also undoubtedly serve as the basis for heated debate between HPQ and the graphite world for months to come. To the winner the spoils …. and Tourillon believes strongly that HPQ will prevail.

Ding Ding. Let the battle begin.

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