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Agoracom interviews CEOs of small cap companies.

In this episode of the Small Cap CEO Interviews podcast, AGORACOM speaks with Peak Fintech (CSE:PKK) CEO, Johnson Joseph.

How do you connect over 100M small businesses in China who need access to different kinds of credit …. with over 10K banks and lending institutions that have different lending criteria?

Well, if you try to do it the old fashioned way, you just can’t. This forces SMB’s (small and medium businesses) and Lenders to deal within local markets, which drastically reduces alternatives, competition and ultimately business …. while leaving both sides with a daunting, slow and inefficient manual workload.


The Peak Fintech Lending Hub uses Artificial Intelligence and analytics to fully automate the process by which lenders and borrowers connect quickly and match perfectly across several market verticals.

When CEO Johnson Joseph says this AI-Powered platform is revolutionizing the Chinese SMB commercial lending ecosystem, they’re not just paying lip service … Peak Fintech is delivering results

* Reported revenue growth of 293% to $11.2 million for the first half of 2020
* Reported revenue growth of 236.% to $15.1 million for JUST Q3 (a record)
* On pace to exceed Fiscal 2020 Targeting $40 million in revenues and $4 million in EBITDA.
* Platform now has lending products from 54 different banks and lending institutions
* Signed Agreement To Bring Lending Hub To 60,000 Online Electronics Stores
* Stores would use Lending HUB to finance purchase of electronics inventory
* 100% market capture would translate into $1.35B in annual revenues
* Signed Agreement With Italian Retailer Gruppo Coin to provide short-term loans to ~55,000 influencers with their own e-stores and ~ 120M total followers
* …. and so much more

Everyone agrees that 2020 was Peak Fintech’s coming out party … but CEO JJ believes this is just the beginning as he looks forward to 2021 and beyond.
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